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I love photographing couple’s portraits on their wedding day. However, we don’t always get a lot of time with the bride and groom alone. This is why many couples chose to do a first look on their wedding day. If you are not familiar with the first look, it is when the bride and groom chose to see each other before the ceremony. It allows them to see each other in private, without the pressure of having hundreds of eyes staring at them. And my favorite part? We get to capture the moment without anyone getting in the way. We also get a lot more time to take couple’s portraits and bridal party and/or family photos and we get to do it all before the ceremony. That way once the ceremony is finished, the couple is free to go to their reception and don’t have to keep their guests waiting. I second shot this wedding with my very good friend and awesome photographer Kassie Moore. It was pretty chilly outside and our fingers almost fell off, but you won’t be able to tell in the photos. The bride was such a trooper. She braved the cold and walked in wet grass in heels!! All the ladies out there know how challenging that can be.:)Here are some of my favorites from this day. I hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave some love in the comments below.

fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-270image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-271image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-272image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-273image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-274image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-275image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-276image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-277image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-278image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-279image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-280image to pinterest fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kimbel-art-museum-first-look-couple-photos-281image to pinterest

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