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Katelyn and Cody got married a couple of weekends ago at Thistle Springs Ranch in Cleburne, TX. Their outdoor ceremony was moved inside due to the weather. However, despite the freezing temperatures they were brave enough to do their first look and bridal party photos outside. I’m so glad, because it was so beautiful out there. We kept warm for the rest of the day. I had such a good time with these two and with their sweet family and friends. Congratulations, you guys! And thanks for allowing me to capture your special day.


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  • Hi! These are great shots! Would you please share them with me through dropbox so that I can pull the ones to make a blog post on Thistle Springs Ranch blog,,, giving you credit as you direct me to of course! I cannot use all of these so need to be able to pick and choose the shots we need for our blog! Thank you so much and blessings many! Come back to TSR again soon! ann wrightReplyCancel

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