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Phuc and Katie got married at a gorgeous family ranch in Ceburne, TX. The weather was perfect and the first wedding for months where we didn’t have to worry about the heat. Katie and Phuc had their first look on the balcony. Katie took Phuc’s breath away. I think there were some tears involved as you can see in the photos below.:)I love it when my couples chose to do the first look before the ceremony and it’s happening more often than not. We get an opportunity to get most, if not all of the formal photos before the ceremony so that the couple can go to their reception sooner and not have to keep their guests waiting.  The ceremony was setup next to the pool with all the guests seated around the pool in the back yard. The ceremony ended just in time for us to catch the beautiful Texas sunset. The reception was so much fun. Fireball shots were being passed around all night. Most guests  danced all night long and while others snuggled up next to a fire pit. It was a perfect day for Phuc and Katie and I’m so happy they allowed me to capture it for them. Congratulations, you two!!

cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-01image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-02image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-03image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-04image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-05image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-06image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-07image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-08image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-09image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-10image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-11image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-12image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-13image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-14image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-15image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-16image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-17image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-18image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-19image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-20image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-21image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-22image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-23image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-24image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-25image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-26image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-27image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-28image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-29image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-30image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-31image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-32image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-33image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-34image to pinterest cleburne-outdoor-texas-ranch-wedding-photographer-35image to pinterest


reception and ceremony venue: John & Staci Dang Ranch

event planner and coordinator: Steve Talavera

hair and makeup artist: Gay Roden

bakers: Tiffany & Stephanie

caterer: West End Grill – Derek George

florist: Little Ben’s

officiant: Father Doughlas Guthrie

entertainment: Steve Helms Band

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