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 WOW! Can I just say that?:)
Jade is an incredibly beautiful young woman both inside and out. She and her mom came to me with some ideas that they wanted to incorporate in Jade’s senior photos. Jade is a huge book lover so of course we had to show that in her photos. She also loves and collects converse shoes so we played with a few pair she brought with her. Jade has been a dancer most of her life and when I heard her mom talk to me about my work and what she liked about it, I knew I had to do some dramatic portraits at the end of the session. I absolutely love how this whole session turned out but the last few are my favorites.

Jade, thank you for trusting me to capture your beauty during this very important time of your life. Have fun this year and best of luck to you next year once you go off to college. I’m sure you will go on to do incredible things.

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We shot the first part of the session on TCU campus and the dramatic portraits were shot at Trinity Park.

A huge thank you to our hair and makeup artists who did an amazing job:

Hair – Renn Traylor

Makeup – Fallon Farmer

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