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Dallas Wedding Photographer | The Aldredge House Bridal Session

When K showed me a picture of her dress I immediately said (no, I screamed) to her “I have to photograph you in that dress before the wedding!”

I suggested a few gorgeous venues for her bridals, and K picked the Aldredge House in Dallas.

The wedding isn’t until November so I am not using the bride’s full name but she is allowing me to post these before the wedding.  Her groom knows to keep off my website.:)

Thank God, because I would have gone crazy waiting for five months to share these.

I’m not sure K knows just how gorgeous she is. I hope these photos help her see that just a little bit more.

I can’t wait for the wedding!

the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__113image to pinterest the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__114image to pinterest the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__115image to pinterest the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__116image to pinterest the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__118image to pinterest the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__119image to pinterest the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__121image to pinterest the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__120image to pinterest the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer_133image to pinterest

the_aldredge_house_bridal_wedding_photographer__123image to pinterest

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