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OMG! My wifey is engaged!

For those of you that know me personally, know that Stefani is one of my best friends aka my wifey.:)

She and Ivan have been dating for 6 years and I’ve been telling her that I would like to do a session for them the last couple of years.

She mentioned to Ivan  before but he wasn’t all that into taking photos.

Then something changed and he actually asked her to schedule a session with me.

I had my suspicions, then I got a message from Ivan that he plans to propose during the session.

And he did!!

I thought he would have this big speech prepared but he got on one knee and just kind of mumbled something and she said YES!

Poor, Ivan. He was so nervous.

I’ve never seen Stefani this happy and I was trying really hard to hold back happy tears while I kept shooting this beautiful moment.

These two are going to Europe for a few weeks and when they come back we will start all the wedding planning.

I can’t wait for their big day.

Congratulations to you both! I love you!

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