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I have been waiting a really long time for Devin and Westin’s wedding.

It’s been a whole year since I met Devin at a bridal show and she and Devin booked me as their wedding photographer.

I’ve never shot at Hickory Street Annex before and after photographing Devin and Westin’s engagement session, I just knew their wedding would be so much fun.

Everything was just perfect.

As soon as I walked in I just fell in love with all the details.

Devin’s bridesmaids didn’t have bridesmaid’s bouquets but carried matching purses with a flower attached to each. What a cute idea!

Every single table centerpiece was different and I could tell that a lot of planning went into putting everything together.

It was a photographer’s dream.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves now.

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hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_01image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_02image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_03image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_04image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_05image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_06image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_07image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_08image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_09image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_10image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_11image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_12image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_13image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_14image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_15image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_16image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_17image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_18image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_19image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_20image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_21image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_21bimage to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_22image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_23image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_24image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_25image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_26image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_27image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_28image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_29image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_30image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_31image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_33image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_34image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_35image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_36image to pinterest hickory_street_annex_wedding_dallas_37image to pinterest


event coordinator/planner: Elisabeth Landry – Silver Lining Events + Co. 

makeup: Envy Makeovers

bridal gown: Everlasting Bridal Couture

cake: Essence Cakery

caterer: Jim Lee Events

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