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I am so excited to share these images with you all.

Kate and Jeff have been an amazing couple to work with and they just have this positive energy that projects on to everyone around them.

I guess you could say that their love is contagious.

Kate and Jeff got married at the beautiful San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, TX.

The reception followed and it sure was a party!

It was held at the San Fernando Hall.

Kate and Jeff made their entrance with the mariachi band and Kate’s brother and his band played for the remainder of the evening.

And they were all amazing!

I enjoyed every minute of it.

Even Kate got a chance to sing a song as a surprise for Jeff.

I had a hard time narrowing down their images for the blog because I got way too many good ones. Wait, is that possible?:)

I hope you enjoy and please leave some love in the comments section if you do.

Congratulations you two!! I wish you all best!

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wedding vendors

hair and makeup: makeup maven

bridal gown: bliss bridal boutique

bridal shoes: steve madden

bridesmaid dresses: david’s bridal

cake: mamalicious cakes

caterer: ritas on the river

florist: floral elegance

band: union specific

linens: got it covered events

rings & jewelry: robbins brothers

stationary: mixbook

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